Risk Management – An Increasingly Important Factor in Business

Risk has always been a part of business, whether it is related to investment in new technology or taking on board a new vendor. There is a risk factor in all daily decisions. Standards have been applied for a long time as a tool to reduce risk and assist better decision making. ISO 14001 helps companies deal with environmental risk, ISO 27001 offers [...]

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Risk Management: What Is the Objective?

A recent study has shown that, many companies have still failed to properly implement such a program, while most companies recognize the need fora good risk management [...]

The Definition of Risk Management

Risk management is a management practice that helps identify risks, in order to minimize loses. It is a logical method used to identify, analyze, resolve and continuously [...]

Risk Management-A pre-requisite to effective project management

In this ever changing current business environment, organizations are exposed to several unforeseen situations. If favourable, it can leapfrog organizations to prosperity. [...]

Construction Risk Management – Build Your Way, the Risk Free Way!

Constructing something is never an easy task. It requires elaborate planning, a lot of effort and a lot of time and energy is spent along the way. Imagine you spend all [...]